The Bayer Lawn Care Professional magazine is focused on technical and management issues involved in running a successful lawn care company. In their Fall, 2004 issue they published an article, entitled "Building Bridges", that  highlighted Emerald Green's president, Miguel Bejos', management philosophy of substantial employee involvement and empowerment in company operation. The tag line of the article says, "Miguel Bejos has realized success by creating growth opportunities for his employees at Emerald Green."

We at Emerald Green invite you to read the full article. Nicole Wisniewski is the Managing editor of the Lawn Care Professional magazine, and her E-mail address is nwisniewski@gie.net


The following profile appeared in an article featuring successful "Latino" or "Hispanic" business people in the Triad (central North Carolina) in the June, 2003, issue of Bizlife Magazine*. (This portion of the article was included with permission from Bizlife Magazine.)

Miguel.jpg (104510 bytes)Business Name: Emerald Green, Inc.
Business Type: Lawn care service
Contact: Miguel Bejos, owner and president
Phone: (336)446-0228

Miguel Bejos is proof of how varied the Latino population is. Bejos, owner and president of Emerald Green, Inc., a lawn care company in Elon, was born and raised in Belize, a small nation bordering Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico in Central America.

"Even though I'm Hispanic, I grew up in a country that didn't consider itself Hispanic" says Bejos. "I grew up in a British colony. Our basic government and schooling was based on a Cambridge system of education. Moving here wasn't as much of a culture shock for me because I spoke the language."

Bejos attended the University of Connecticut, moved to New Jersey and started a successful lawn care business there with several partners. A decade later, he moved to North Carolina and started Emerald Green.

"I guess I was just trying to slow down a little bit and have a better place to raise my kids," says Bejos of his move to Elon. "That, and the weather is better."

Long comfortable with English and the American way of life, Bejos' initial business challenges weren't lingual or cultural. Prospective customers simply didn't understand his business, which involves applying fertilizer and weed control materials to lawns.

"When I first started, there was a whole education process I had to go through to make a sale," recalls Bejos. "Now people are much more aware of what my business does and what we provide."

Emerald Green's business -- 85% of which is residential -- has grown dramatically in the past three years. It grew 82% in 2001 and 125% last year. This year, Bejos says growth has already reached 60%.

As the Latino population increases in the Triad, Bejos has noticed more business from Latino customers. More evident, however, is the increase of Latinos seeking work with his company.

"Overall, most of them are here to work hard and be good employees," says Bejos, who unlike most local business owners, can easily converse with them in Spanish. "They're trying to make a better life for themselves and come here wanting to work. They're willing to do a lot of stuff that local people would be unwilling to do day in and day out."

One of Bejos' most urgent needs, however, is something many Latinos workers can't do.

"My guys are facing customers on a regular basis," says Bejos, "so they have to be able to communicate in English."

Without language barriers to contend with, Bejos has managed to build a successful business in the Triad, and he's pushing for more growth. The company has begun servicing clients in Greensboro.



Emerald Green is a member of the Professional Lawn Care Association of America. The PLCAA represents lawn and landscape companies, industry suppliers and ground managers in the U.S., Canada and abroad. The association develops education and safety programs, defines industry standards, and serves as the voice of the lawn care industry. A technical and business management resource for its members, the PLCAA provides Emerald Green access to workshops, public awareness campaigns, publications, a management conference, and an annual conference of professional lawn care companies.

Miguel Bejos, the president and owner of Emerald Green, Inc. is named to the Alamance County Advisory Board for Capital Bank.

The following appeared in the Burlington, NC, Times-News Sunday, March 24, 2002 in the "PEOPLE IN BUSINESS" section:

“Thomas K. Manning, regional president for Capital Bank, has announced the formation of the Alamance County Advisory Board of the bank. (Among those named to the board is) Miguel Bejos, the president and owner of Emerald Green, Inc. He graduated from Sacred Heart College in Belize , and received a degree from the University of Connecticut . He is married to Elizabeth Bejos, and they have three children. He is a member of the Turfgrass Council of N.C., the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, and is active in the Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce and the Alamance County Home Builders Association.”

Emerald Green helps clients maintain healthy lawns

The following appeared in the Greensboro, NC, News and Record Sunday, March 24, 2002 in special supplement:

Four years ago, when Ted Bales moved into his Gibsonville home, he knew one of his first home improvement projects would be resurrecting the life of the home's lawn. He had a rudimentary knowledge of lawn care and concluded his lawn was in dire need of professional assistance. Therefore, he called Emerald Green, a lawn care business that specializes in re-establishing and maintaining healthy lawns. The results came with a refurbished, lush-green lawn at the Bales' home.

“I couldn't be more pleased with the results,” Bales said. “My lawn was in pretty rotten shape. It had suffered from neglect.”

Bales has remained a loyal Emerald Green customer, and his lawn remains healthy thanks to the treatments applied by the Emerald Green staff.

“The best compliment I have had came from my neighbor,” Bales said. “He said, 'I want my yard to look just like yours.’”

“A lawn is such a visual component of your property. When you see a lawn that is properly cared for next to one that is not, the contrast is obvious.”

That's why a majority of Emerald Green's business comes from referrals, company founder and president Miguel Bejos said.

“Anyone can go out and fertilize his lawn, but to do it as a service requires expert training,” Bejos said. “When we're there, we're not just applying fertilizer. We are checking your lawn for diseases, for insects, for any other problems that may not be visible to you, the home owner.”

Emerald Green has several programs designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers, including both residential and commercial applications. The Basic Lawn Care Program is a year-round, six-phase process of lawn maintenance. It includes application of fertilizer, crabgrass preventer, broad leaf weed control, and spot treatment for lawn-damaging insects.

The company also offers a tree and shrub package, liming services to regulate soil acidity, core aeration, disease control, and lawn renovation. The lawn renovation program involves re-seeding your lawn.

Emerald Green's professional staff will conduct a lawn analysis and provide a cost estimate at no cost or obligation.

Maintaining the health of the lawn becomes somewhat of a partnership between Emerald Green and its customers. The customer remains responsible for proper mowing, watering and monitoring the lawn.

Emerald Green assists in those processes by providing its customers with seasonal information about proper lawn care. The company's web site, www.emeraldgreeninc.com, also contains helpful tips for lawn maintenance.

Emerald Green services lawns in Alamance and Guilford Counties.*

* Since the publishing of these articles, Emerald Green, Inc. has greatly expanded it's service area. Please call our office (336)446-0228 to see if your residential or business lawn is included!

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