Basic Lawn Care

Winter is nearly here!

We are geared up for the end of our 2017 season! The Late Fall application includes a winterizing fertilizer to boost your turf and give it the support it needs to build its cache of energy for the oncoming Winter weather. With the fertilizer, we will be applying a broadleaf weed control to address any late season weeds. It is imperative that seeded lawns are continuing to be watered, especially between showers because the germinating seeds need plenty of hydration to grow and develop root systems that can stand freezing ground temperatures.

Overall, this important application gives your turf and soil a supplement of nutrition before winter dormancy and prepares it for the things it will face as the seasons turn and all things green begin to go dormant!

Annual Lawn Care Program

Our basic lawn care program is designed to improve and maintain the health, color, and density of your lawn.  The treatments -- performed by our licensed specialists -- are designed specifically for your property and tailored to its unique characteristics.

This program consists of six applications throughout the year designed to supply your lawn with all of its nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium needs.  It also provides controls for problems that may arise throughout the season such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface feeding insects, and sub-surface feeding insects.

In addition to our Basic Lawn Care Program, Emerald Green, Inc. offers the following lawn services



Disease Control

Root Feeding

Lawn Seeding

We also offer services for other elements of your property, including:

Tree & Shrub Care




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