Lime serves to balance the pH of your soil. We want your soil to be as neutral as possible because that's when your grass is most healthy, "a pH below 6.0 binds important plant growth nutrients in the soil, making them unavailable to the plant. As a result, turf declines" a soil test with a pH probe can determine the acidity of your soil (http://lawncare.about.com/od/plantnutrition/a/lime.htm). Acidified soil can cause discoloration as well as weakening the grass so that it does not recover well from disease or drought.

The Time for Lime
While lime can be applied to your lawn at any time throughout the year, we feel that it is most helpful to apply lime in the fall to ensure that your lawn is ready for optimal regrowth after being dormant through winter weather. So what is lime and how does it help? 

Applying limestone to regulate soil acidity is a way of balancing the availability of nutrients and increasing the response from fertilizer applications so that you can have a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.  

We test the soil's pH levels for all customers. Our recommendations for lime are based on the results of these tests.

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